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A0 Snap Open Poster Frames


A0 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 1189mm x 841mm


A1 Snap Open Poster Frames


A1 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 594mm x 841mm


A0 Snap Open Poster Frames


A2 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 594mm x 420mm




Our Snap Open Poster Frames are Cheap


Silver Snap Open Frames

Silver Snap Open Poster Frame

Black Snap Open Frames

Black Snap Poster Frames


White Snap Open Frames

Black Snap Poster Frames

Red Snap Open Frames

Black Snap Poster Frames


A0 Snap Open Poster Frames


A3 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 297mm x 420mm


A0 Snap Open Poster Frames


A4 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 297mm x 210mm


A0 Snap Open Poster Frames


A5 Snap Open Poster Frames

To suit Posters - 146mm x 210mm

Snap Open Poster Frames

High Quality Snap Poster frames at low prices !


The Printsmart Snap Open Poster Frames are stylish, well finished frames to display your posters.


They are made of high quality brushed aluminium with solid backs and long life hinged edges.


The flexible snap-close edge of the poster frames allows for easy changing of posters: simply snap open the edge of the frame, lift off the clear plastic protective cover and drop your poster into position , replace the cover sheet and snap it closed. Changing posters is a breeze.


Our snap Open Poster Frames have special hinged edges that allow them to be flipped up to an open position, then closed again.


The stylish finish means you can really present your posters and brochures in the best possible light. They can be fixed to any surface by Double sided tape, hanging or screws.


The poster frames are light weight , yet sturdy and come in a variety of sizes.

Make your promotions or products standout with the high quality printsmart snap frames.


There is a variety of standard sizes of Snap Open Poster Frames available: A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0.


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Available poster frames colours are :


Silver Poster Frames: Brushed Aluminium , this is the most common style.
Black Snap Poster Frames: satin finish black powder coated poster frames.
White Snap Poster Frames: satin finish white powder coated poster frames
Red Snap Poster Frames: satin finish red powder coated poster frames.


Prices of Snap Open Poster frames are based on the quantity ordered.
Low prices for larger quantities of 100 poster frames start from:

A5 size : $10.00+gst , A4 size : $12.20+gst , A3 size : $14.90+gstĀ 
A2 size : $22.50+gst , A1 size : $30.50+gst , A0 size : $58.00+gst.


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How to use Snap Poster Frames

Snap Open or as they are sometimes referred to Snap Close Poster Frames are designed as a fast and simple way to quickly change over posters , notices or bulletins.

By placing your thumb on the edge of the poster frame you are able to flip it up to a vertical position. The snap frame edges have a special tensioned hinged that when pushed down , snap into position. All the frame edges can be lifted up so that the existing poster can be removed and the new poster loaded. Replace the clear plastic cover sheet and flip down the clip frame edge. It snaps shut holding the new print in place.


Fast Change Poster Frames


Fast opening Snap Frames are an ideal poster framing concept. The Clip Frame edges are specially designed to lift up and open up the area available to place your poster. The time to change over your prints is just a matter of seconds using fast change poster frames as opposed to a traditional frame.


Easy Change Poster Frames


The Printsmart Easy Change Poster Display Frames will display your poster beautifully. The simplicity of being able to flip up the edges of the frame and drop a new poster in is why they are so popular. There are different styles to choose from. Square corner Easy Change Poster Frames are the most popular.

High quality hinge components and premium aluminium make for a long life, durable frame. This is why the Fast Change Poster Frame concept is widely used.

All size Easy Change Display frames are available : A5, A4 , A3 , A2 , A1 , A0.


Cheap aluminium poster display frames.

Compared to custom designed Poster Frames, the prefabricated metal hinge poster display frames are certainly a cheaper option. By buying cheap aluminium Poster Frames you get a lot better display value for your dollar.

The best value for money size-wise is one of the following: Cheap A5 Poster Frames, Cheap A4 Poster Frames, Cheap A3 Poster Frames, Cheap A2 Poster Frames, Cheap A1 Poster Frames, Cheap A0 Poster Frames.


Aluminium Poster Frames

The printsmart aluminiumPoster Frames are made from high quality, premium grade aluminium. They are well finished with a brushed aluminium look. The hinges and back board are top quality also.


Not all aluminium poster frames can boast the standard of manufacture or precision finish that the printsmart aluminium poster grames do. The reason aluminium is used in thesePoster Frames is it is lightweight and offers and stylish elegant look. Any poster displayed in these aluminiumPoster Frames will look superb.


Snap Lock Poster Display Frames:

Snap Lock Poster Frames are an economical but stylish way to display your printed posters or information guides. The classic look square cornered Snap Lock Poster Frames are easily fixed to any wall or door surface. They are light weight but carefully manufactured for a long working life. Many companies have choosen this type of poster frame.