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Snap Frames for Posters and Notices.

High quality Snap Frames at low prices.


Snap frames are simple to use and highly durable . Changing your posters , bulletins or notices is a snap with these frames.

When it comes to replacing a poster the process could not be easier, simply lift up the edge of the frame, replace the poster and snap the edge closed in one easy step.
The snap frames are manufactured with specially designed tensioned hinges that allow all the edges to be lifted up into an open position and then snapped closed again when the
notice or poster has been dropped into place.

The frames can be fixed to any surface by double sided tape , screws or hanging wires. Printsmart frames are light weight yet durable. They do present your posters or advertising material in the best possible way.
Often described as Advertising Poster Frames or Marketing Poster Frames they will certainly enhance the presentation of your advertising.

Available Snap Frame Sizes : A5 , A4 , A3 , A2 , A1 , A0


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Aluminium Snap Frames - Sizes are available: A5 , A4 , A3 , A2 , A1 , A0

The printsmart aluminium snap frames are a pefect option for anyone who needs to display their posters or marketing material quickly and easily.

The snap frames edges can be opened by simply placing your thumb on the corner of the snap frame and flipping it open. This process can be applied to all four edges of the poster frame for any time a new poster or brochure needs to be loaded. Once the poster or brochure is loaded into the frame simlpy push the four sides of the snap frame closed and it will safetly hold the new print firmly in place.

The printsmart range of Snap Frames are very popular amoung the following industries.

Snap Frames for Retail stores to display marketing and promotional material to prospective clients.
Real Estate companies use snap frames to display open house times and sale promotions to walkers by.
Banks use the snap frames to display specials on interest rates and investment accounts.
Insurance companies use snap frames to advertise special rates and promotions.
Night clubs and Bars can use snap frames to display event nights or drink offers.

Display your posters with the Printsmart Snap Frames

The printsmart snap frames will display your poster or marketing flyer or brochure simply and easy. The simplicity of the design makes thesnap frames extremely re-usable. This is what makes this product so popular. Well designed, high quality components means that the printsmart snap frames have an extremely long life, making them value for money.

Aluminium Snap Frames

Made from high grade aluminium materials together with a brushed alumium look and high quality hinges, the printsmart snap frames are a guarenteed winner.

Extremely lightweight, portable stylish and elegant, the printsmart snap frames look superb, and will present your material in the best possible manner.

Cheap Snap Frames and Snap Frame Sizes

Just because the printsmart snap frames are extremely afforfable does not mean we sacrafice quality at all. The edges are re-inforced with a strethened metal matt extruded backing, meaning years and years of closing and opening. This option is available in the following sizes;

A4 Snap Frames
A3 Snap Frames
A2 Snap Frames
A1 Snap Frames
A0 Snap Frames

Snap Frames past client uses in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Townsville and Cairns.

Past clients in Brisbane have found the snap frames really easy for use by their clients. Hostels and Clubs often purchase the snap frames due to the high durability and strong design.

We have heard from past clients in Canberra and Melbourne that the snap frames have been used for music venues and theature show promotions, due to the long life and great design of the snap frames. Due to the high change over of advertising material, these snap frames are perfect due to their quality design.

Many clients in Perth mentoined they thought snap frames were generally over priced and epensive. When printsmart offered them their range of snap frames at the prices they did, there was an initial reaction of shock, followed by a large order of frames. They also mentioned how the snap frames were the best solution for their display needs of thier advertising posters and promotional material.

Gold coast clients mentioned how at previous conferences and events, posters were hung via blue tack or thumb tacks. Due to the warm and humid climate, the presentation this way was never satifactory. You can understand their relief when introduced to the printsmart range of snap frames. Smiles all around.