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Printsmart Displays is a market leading supplier of display stands in Adelaide , Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast, Perth , Melbourne, Sydney.

Portable Pop up Wall Display Stand


- Ideal for regular Tradeshow and Exhibition display attendees. The Mantis is great value and has a superb visual effect.

Free Standing Wall Display Stand


The Free Standing display stand gives you maximum flexibility as to where and how you can set up your displays.

Exhibition Wall Display stand


Stand alone wall display systems like the Mantis are designed to be set up in minutes and be drawing crowds to your exhibiton from the outset.

Tradeshow Pop up Wall display stand


If you want to really attract buyers to your trade show booth that the Mantis display stand is what you need.

Large Tradeshow Booth and Exhibition display stand


Brilliant print quality and unique stand design make the Printsmart display stand the ideal solution for regular exhibitors.


PrintSmart Graphics display stands are proudly sold in all states.

PrintSmart is located in Brisbane, Australia.
All capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast

Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and regional areas.


Free Standing Portable Display




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Portable Display Karel




Portable Display Outter Rim



Pop up Wall Display System

Pop-up Wall Display Stand - Lotus Display Stand Series


Stunning graphics printed at incredible resolution make the Lotus display stand a crowd stopper. This display stand is the pinnacle of portable, high profile, tradeshow and exhibition displays.

Special hi resolution Dye sublimation printing at 1200dpi on Lotus fabric creates the powerful Lotus display stand presentation.

Assembly and set up of the Lotus display stand is fast and simple, one person can set this portable display stand up in less than 10 minutes. Top quality extruded aluminium and special magnetic interlocking joiners make the pop up stand a market leading concept.

The Fabric Banner creates a seamless graphic that curves and flows across the face of the display stand.

"The Mantis display stand system is without doubt the most effective and valuable package available today for trade shows and exhibitions.""

- Grant Smith, Managing Director  


The brilliantly designed hard transfer case, safely houses the printed panels as well as the pop up display stand stand. It can also hold the systems lighting. Importantly the transport case doubles as a display counter with a specially designed timber folding top and a wrap around banner transforming the case into a supporting display stand. The transport case has a wheeled base and can be moved around with ease.


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Does Your Company Need a New Exhibition or magnetic display stand?

Your company has made the collective decision to get a new display stand design. You need to replace the old with something fresh and you have been put in charge of this monumental task since you are the trade show exhibit manager. Get the most from your budget and handle all the details successfully for a winning presentation. However, to ensure you stay on the right track and do not fall into the black hole of exhibit designers, producers and possibilities, here are some important concepts to remember:

Get the support of your accounting and purchasing department. You want to make sure you know your budget down to the last cent and if you have their support, they can help to ensure you are following the right guidelines. You might get so consumed with find the right presentation screen or graphic design that you forget other important details like the budget. In addition, if you keep the purchasing department informed of all decisions, they can quickly cut you off if something goes awry – versus an ex post facto "whoops!" With their agreement on your purchases, you will have their support so that no unforeseen additions will arise. You can also look for leasing or renting options that can help with budgeting needs.

Get upper management in on your decisions as early as possible. If they have a complete understanding of your display stand goals, they will be more agreeable to your future decisions. Get comments in writing and ask frequently for opinions to make sure you are in line with the company's display stand goals. Ask all of management to get all changes or addition to the design now before it goes into production. The last thing you want is a suddenly change at the 11th hour, which will drastically increase your price and frustration of your display stand design and production.

Document everything. You need to keep records of the new goals and objectives, as well as all display stand design possibilities. You cannot have too much paperwork in this case. Identify the physical requirements of the exhibit like a conference area, customer service reception area, storage need, presentation logistics, signage, electrical routing, etc. If you have any special needs like a flat-screen television or online presentation, make sure you have the necessary support systems in place. Research the physical space you have rented and make sure there is nothing can that wholly eliminate the operation of your new display stand.

Be conservative and realistic about what your display stand will be able to do and accomplish in the trade show environment. The exhibit can only be a stage for people to present their product to generate sales and leads. Only after the show will the full analysis reveal whether the show was a success or not, but keeping a good concept of the display stand's limitations can help create honest goals.

Will you need more flexibility with this display stand compared to the last one? Will you still be in the same space as before? Understanding your cubic space will help you determine if certain modular components would be a better fit or if you need a wholly custom display stand design and approach.

Your exhibit vendors will need to offer both pre-manufactured and truly custom display stand possibilities. There are benefits to both options and you will need to do your research to see which options are right for your business. Make sure that these choices fit in line with your business goals and budget. Remember that you often get what you pay for and if the bottom line seems too good to be true, it is. You could be stuck with a cheap display stand product of low quality, which can affect your confidence in the display stand design overall.

Vendors should be able to give you design display stand sketches and estimates after your goals and objectives have been stated. Financial limitations should be clearly outlined. Each document will need to be reviewed and signed off by management. Ask the vendors for 5 references and call each one to make sure their opinion of the vendor matches his or her sales pitch. You want attention to detail, dependability and honesty with your vendors.

How far away is the trade show from your business home base? You will have to consider local exhibits if the logistics to ship a display stand are too expensive. These local shows can be a good test run of the new display stand design without running up a large financial cost. If you are shipping the display stand a far distance, make sure you have bids on exhibit transportation, including installation and dismantling the display stand as well as storage after the show. You can save time and money if you choose to set it up yourself, which can help you to build a stronger display stand design by the money you save.

Make sure the winning display stand vendor meets management and presents to the entire team. You want to establish them in your firm and give management the opportunity to meet with and discuss specific elements of the display stand design. Sometimes, new issues and questions come up in these meetings that were not realized beforehand.

Keep a close eye and hand on the display stand production schedule by keeping in close contact with the display stand vendor. Make sure your copy, graphics, photos and more are all approved and on-time to keep the process on schedule. Plan on meeting with the display stand vendor at key times and on a regular basis to make sure the project is on the right path and no miscommunications have created a display stand that does not accurately or fully represent your company and its goals for the upcoming trade shows.

Although creating and acquiring a new exhibit display stand design is a major investment and can be an intense experience, the rewards can be great. By expanding and refreshing your company's look at important trade shows, you can redefine your objectives and achieve new goals to take your display stand success to the next level, increasing conversions.
Successful Businesses use display stand to advertise their products

Display stands can be made from three different materials having a tensioned framework which can fold away easily and can be popped open in a few seconds to create instant branding.

They are ideally suited to outdoor events such as golfing events and motor racing events. They can also be used indoors at exhibitions or conferences.

A Display stand offer advantages over traditional vinyl and PVC banners as they are quick and simple to erect, lightweight, durable and weatherproof.

These days every company is looking at promoting their products effectively which can be done through customization of product designs. If you are a business owner then you can custom design banners of your products. You must be aware of that your product banner should have a different and unique look from other ones.

An effective way is contact Print Smart Graphics which is a specialist in making a custom designed display stand. You can provide your product specifications to us and we will create a eye catching banner.

A display stand are used to promote wide range of products and services. This is easy and affordable method to promote and market your products and services. A display stand can attract wide range of people and make them aware them about specific product or service. These displays are placed where large amount of people are gathered like in exhibitions and shopping malls.
Most importantly a display stand can be used several times and can market the product to increase their values among customers. These banners can be easily transferred from one place to another easily while promoting method remains same. Design and color combination matters very much in these banners.

The design and message is attractive giving it a higher success rate. Our designers use vibrant colors in co-ordination with advertising message.