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PrintSmart Displays specialise in tear drop banners and supply to clients Australia Wide.


If you are looking for the following : Feather Banners in Queensland Feather Banners in Victoria

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Feather Banners in South Australia Feather Banners in Western

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Printsmart can supply high quality , well designed tear drop banners at excellent prices., To find out more call printsmart today on 1300 556589

Feather Banners

High Quality Feather Banners at Low prices.

Feather Banners Outdoor


True Double Sided Printing
Front of Flag | Back of Flag



True Double Sided Feather Banners

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Feather banners prices are cheaper than you think.


There are 4 different sizes to choose from and you can have single sided print through banners or the true double sided prints. Larger quantities orders attract substantial discounts.


Prices start from as low as $175.00.


Feather banner designs vary dramatically from simple text to beautiful full colour images. We have graphic artists on staff to assist with ideas to maximize the space available on the banners to ensure the highest impact for you. Call us today on 1300 556 589 to discuss your design ideas.


Feather banner templates are available to assist your graphic artist to design and layout your logos and images. As there are different sizes and shapes available it makes the process of designing the banner easier when working from the template provided. Contact us today for the size banner template that you require : 1300 556 589


Feather banner stand bases are designed to suit any ground surface allowing you the flexibility to place your flag on hard surfaces like concrete or bitumen or on grass or sand.


The banner poles fit into different bases like the ground spike for soft surfaces or the star cross base and the wheel base for hard surfaces. Weighted water bags are also available to assist with holding the flas down in heavy wind.








Out door advertising flags like Feather Banners are a low cost , high impact means to draw constant attention to your product or services. They can be installed in any environment using a variety of different bases or fixings.

High quality , full colour printing produces great images and sharp text lines. The feather shape flag is one of a range of different styles that Printsmart produce. The long length is ideal for long logos and text statements. Feather banner flags are portable , easy to set up and always ensures good visibility.


Using True Double Sided Printing on Durable Stormcloth Flag Material , a blockout liner is sewn between the two sides of the banner to eliminate see through. This means your logo , image or message are clearly seen form any direction, doubling your visibility.


With a sleek styled design the Feather Banners are a perfect way to present your logo, details or photos so they stand out and grab your customers attention.


Printsmart Gets Results! Here's what our clients have to say.


"The team at PrintSmart Graphics were absolutely fantastic to work with. They designed a great banner display series for us and gave exceptional value for money and professional service. The process from start to finish could not have been easier and I can whole hartedly recommend them."

Michael Brierly Executive Director, Queensland Olympic Council



Feather Banner Sizes

Feather Banner Features:

  • True Double Sided Printing
  • Lightweight
  • Wind Rotation
  • Impressive design
  • Ease of installation
  • Convenience of Replaceable Graphics.
  • Delivered Australia Wide
    (Turn Around is 5-7 Working Days)

Printsmart Feather Banner Sizes:

Large 4m Height - Ad Space 3.5 x 0.68m
Medium 3.4m Height - Ad Space 2.5 x 0.68m
Small 2.5m Height - Ad Space 2 x 0.68m

feather banner package contents
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Feather banners Brisbane production and delivery:

When Brisbane client, Remax Advantage Manly display an open house, they choose to use Feather Banners to help their prospective buyers locate the house. They chose to deal with Printsmart based on their great customer services and word of mouth. Production for Brisbane
was 6 days and delivery was overnight.


Feather banners Gold Coast production and delivery:

Feather Banners are widely used throughout the Gold Coast due to the very good weather. The city council is fairly liberal in the use of outdoor banners. Banner production for the gold coast area is usually 7 days and delivery is overnight.


Feather Banners Sunshine Coast production and delivery :

Planet Homes on the Sunshine Coast purchased their Feather Banners from Printsmart to welcome visitors to view all their options of homes they have available to build. Banner production for the sunshine coast area is usually 6-7 working days and delivery is overnight.


Feather Banners Sydney production and delivery :

Printsmart supply to many real estate agents in Sydney and surrounding suburbs . L J Hooker Warrawong is one of the clients who use the open house feather banners & auction flags in order to bring the buyers in to their open houses and to bid on the auctions. Banner production for Sydney , city and suburbs area is usually 6-8 working days and delivery is overnight .


Feather Banners Melbourne production and delivery :

The feather banners are a valuable asset to your clients in Melbourne and the regional areas like Geelong. GEA Car Loans, being in the loans & finance business needed to be noticed above the other competitors . The feather banners have definitely paid for themselves as they have more walk-by business. Banner production for Melbourne , city and suburbs area is usually 6-8 working days and delivery is two days by road freight.


Feather Banners Perth production and delivery :

Regardless of the weather in Perth, the feathers banners bought by transport company Sadliers withstand all conditions and are suitable for all their various outdoor events. Banner production for Perth and regional areas area is usually 8-9 working days and delivery is five days by road freight or overnight by airfreight.


Feather Banners Adelaide production and delivery :

Printsmart is an Australia Wide supplier, we supply to all areas of South Australia, including Adelaide and most importantly the feather banners are used for many trade shows at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Banner production for Adelaide and suburbs area is usually 7-8 working days and delivery is four days by road freight or overnight by airfreight.


Feather Banners Canberra production and delivery :

Printsmart is an Australia Wide supplier, we supply many businesses in Canberra with Feather banners. Banner print production for the Canberra area is usually 6-8 working days and delivery is three days by road freight and overnight for airfreight.