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  • New Generation Banner Print Materials
  • Premium Smooth Hi-REs Art Canvas
  • Brilliant Colour Fabric Banner
  • Super Hi Gloss Translucent Banner Film
  • Really Stand Out from the Competition

Pull up Banners by Printsmart


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Elite Pull up Banners by Printsmart

The Elite pull up banners exude class. Always ready to present for you at a moment’s notice, anytime, anywhere. The Elite pull up banners show that your product or service is of high value.

Sleek and elegant styling with a beautiful finish has made this Roll up system so effective. Light weight and portable it is up and attracting attention in a matter of seconds, making it a great choice for any Conference, Trade Show or Exhibition.
Where ever you are demonstrating or exhibiting with the Elite Roll up banner,  your are sending your prospects and clients the right signals. Stunning quality printing on new banner materials will really draw attention to your banners.
The Elite comes complete with a padded carry case for safe transport to ensure you get years of service from your stand.

Sizes for the Elite Roll up / Pull up Retractable Banners:

  • 840mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • 1000mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • 1200mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Elite.
  • 1500mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up / pull up Banner Eite.
  • Double sided 840mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up Banner Elite
  • Double sided 980mm wide x 2000mm high Roll up Banner Elite
  • Extra high Roll up / Pull up Banners can also be produced.

Unique Banner Materials :
To really stand out from the crowd we have developed a new range of powerful graphics materials.
Using the latest print technology we believe our banners will really showcase your graphics.
There are two new banner materials available for our stands, you may choose either :

1. Premium Smooth Eco Photo Canvas which produces rich vibrant colours.

They are printed at very high resolution to produce powerful eye catching images. The Premium Smooth Eco Photo canvas is the most environmentally  friendly banner material on the market today. It is tear resistant and remains curl free for the life of the banner ,unlike
many of the cheap poly paper banner materials.

2. Smooth Print Fine Banner Vinyl which also prints at very high resolution for great images and has the benefit of being able to be used outdoors as well as indoors as it is waterproof and is printed with fade resistant UV inks. The banners are also tear and curl resistant.

Pull up banners testimonial
Features of the Elite Pull up Banner Stands :
·  Two unique  types of banner materials available for the pull up banners
·  New premium photo canvas that that produces fantastic colour presentation for serious visual impact. Completely flat.
·  Hi-Res smooth print fine banner vinyl which produces super quality graphics.
·  The Elite Stand is elegant styled with a superior finish.
·  Lightweight and portable at just 6kgs. Anyone can carry this system any distance.
·  Standard height is 2000mm and width 825mm.
·  Single sided or double sided pull up banners available.
·  5 year guarantee.


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Articles, Descriptions and Product Information for Trade Show Displays and Exhibitions.


Pull up banners for high visual impact


Pull up banners are the current craze in small store pull up advertising. Pull up banners are a cost-effective means of advertising since you can position the retractable banners just about anywhere there is significant foot traffic. If you have enough retractable banners, you can use these stands to direct customers to your store. But simply having the retractable display stands and banners doesn't guarantee your advertisement's effectiveness. But having a pull up banner that has a significant visual impact might. That's because people nowadays are getting more media-savvy. They won't just accept a simple display advertisement.

You can just imagine what kind of business something like digitally printed banners on pull display banner stands bring. You can configure your retractable banners like directional signs especially if you're the kind of store that's amidst a host of other stores, like when you join a flea market. If you are a small store, you should really invest in their advertising products like retractable banners, because not only will you get the best in printing quality for yourpull up banners and other ad materials but you can be sure that you can reuse the stands and pop-up display panels. All you do is replace the banners and the graphic materials and you are just about set for your next display activity. Imagine the flexibility and mobility of your ad campaign. You can be in a trade show one minute and the next couple of hours you could set up part of your display in an exhibition , conference or even a street corner for that matter.


Advertise where there are people. The pull up retractable banners panels alone are enough of an investment that you can reasonably justify in your business. With the retractable banners and display panels, you can pack them along with your products, throw them in your car or delivery vehicle, along with your other display banners, you are very much ready to advertise your product anywhere. Apart from being able to conceptualize the design you want, you also get printing that is of the highest quality. Your retractable banners printed in either textile or vinyl, are guaranteed to have a minimum average outdoor life of three years and are almost guaranteed not to fade. However big the panels or banner you want to order, you get the highest quality printing in terms of resolution. Resolution that's so fine that it's almost of photographic quality. You might just even get to beat the big guys in advertising since the panels they use in their billboards might have a coarse resolution such that the color dots are visible even from afar. So invest in advertising and get PrintSmart Graphics pull up banners to do your marketing for you and see your business grow.


Draw attention to your products with Pull up banners

Though traditional pull up retractable banners are still as effective as before but due to involvement of electronic techniques in advertising, pull up banners have changed their look and feel. Pull up retractable banners are the perfect way to realize and portray the imagination of a creative advertiser; with a business thought of any organization can be placed perfectly to get maximum attention of viewers.


Pull up banners are one of those high-tech display pull up banner stands; it is very popular among advertisers as it can be disassembled after usage. retractable banners are easy to use and can be carried easily to various places; with it a single banner can be displayed at various locations simultaneously. Once the retractable banners is displayed and no longer in use, it can be replaced by a new one without spending money on new display banner stands. 

Pull up banners are suitable for every budget or purpose and are less expensive than any other pull up portable display banner stand.