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The states we sell to are ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA.
Printsmart supply quality Brochure Stands, Brochure Holders

and Exhibition Literature Racks in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast,

Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide , Darwin.


The PrintSmart broc9hure stands are a premium product, making them durable when being moved from shopping centres, trade shows and exhibitions. To find out more call printsmart today on 1300 556589


Brochure Stand Prices, Literature Rack Prices, Brochure Holder Prices that are very low without compromising on quality.



Brochure Stands

The Printsmart Brochure Stands range.


It is important to present your brochures or pamphlets on a brochure stand that does them justice.


A significant amount of money and time has gone into the design and production of your brochures, so give them the opportunity to do their job with a well designed, high quality brochure stand.


Great value for money, portability, and premium finish are what make our brochure holders and brochure stands so popular. It literally takes one minute to set these brochure stands up.


They are simple to erect and are often carried as luggage by exhibitors who regularly travel to their trade shows and exhibitions.


The brochure stands come complete with their own carry bags.


PrintSmart's Quality Brochure Stands

In addition to our many display solutions, PrintSmart offers brochure stands to help enhance your business. The brochure stands are versatile, neat and cost effective- subtly promoting your company and providing more opportunity to disperse information about your brand and products effectively. Customers can help themselves to the brochure stands or alternatively you can use them as an effective way to organise your company's brochures for quick and easy staff access at exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and seminars.


Why Choose PrintSmart's Brochure Stands?

Our brochure stands are great value for money, portable, and are completed in premium finish. The brochure stands literally take one minute to set up and come complete with their own carry bags.


Contact us today to discuss your brochure stand and display systems needs or to get a quote from one of our knowledgeable staff.


Brochure Stand Features:


  • A4 Size Pockets.
  • 2 Sizes and Styles Available
  • Black Fabric Stands have 4 Pockets or 8 Pockets.
  • Perspex Stands have 3 or 5 Tiers.


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brochure stands five tier
brochure stands brochure

A4 Perspex Brochure Stands


Top of the range Brochure stands and literature holders Portable - Premium quality and impressive presentation.


A4 3 sizes - 3 Tier and 5 Tier


brochure stands z brochure

The Z Style Premium Brochure Stand.

A3 Size.

Premium Z syle stands are a high quality built, top line brochure stand. The stand comes with its own special aluminium carry case. A3 Size Only.


brochure stands Fabric Brochure

A4 Fabric and Metal Brochure Stands.

Light weight and compact. Ideal for travelling to exhibitions as this stand packs away to a small carry bag. 8 Pocket A4 Stands


To See the Video of this Display Setup of the Brochure stands, Click the play button below.

Small Front 2    Small Counter 1   Roll up Banner    Pop Up Display    Poster Frame    Mantis Pop Up Display



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Brochure Stands Brisbane

Brochure stands are a very versatile product and can be used for a number of events and conferences or even just on
display in a foyer or reception area. Elisa systems in Brisbane received their brochure stands as part of a trade show
display package to complete their display needs.


Brochure Stands Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Convention Centre handles many of the trade shows for the Gold Coast and our clients suggest the
Brochure Display Stands are a vital item needed to grab the attention of prospects to enable them to read through brochures
and view product ranges.


Brochure Stands Sunshine Coast

Planet Power Energy found Printsmart by searching Brochure Display Stands Sunshine Coast and ordered within hours of
the enquiry and received their stands the next day, they were impressed with the standout customer service and
professionalism displayed by our staff.


Brochure Stands Sydney

Alliance Catering in NSW near Sydney area use their Z Style Brochure Stands to display all their products available. They
were impressed with the great prices and the speedy delivery.


Brochure Stands Melbourne

MTA Entertainment use their brochure stands in Melbourne for all types of events and conferences, with their media
changing often, they needed something versatile enough to change within seconds to promote any new offers and specials
to their clients.


Brochure Stands Perth

Printsmart deliver Australia Wide and Hills Healthcare in Perth received their brochure stands delivered on time and boxed well. All our brochure stands come with a bag or case and travel all around Australia with ease and protection.


Brochure Stands Adelaide

Printsmart offer a trade show package and our client in Adelaide, Living Choice Australia purchased the package and were delighted with the quality of the brochure stands and have used them for many events and travel all over Australia.


Brochure Stands Can Maximize Your Exposure and Your Profits at Trade Show Exhibitions

Literature Holders are a key component in the process of presenting the literature that makes up your product and sales message - the brochures, fliers, spec sheets and catalogues that can transform interested browsers into customers. Modern flyer holders are eye-catching, inexpensive and easy to use. Here's how flyer holders can ramp up the performance of your retail and exhibition displays.


First, you must bear in mind that your literature has to get noticed. The most interesting literature in the world does you no good unless the right people pick it up and read it. In the hyper competitive environment of a retail store or major exhibition, it can be very difficult to attract interested prospects, let alone those in your target market. Buyers are being continually bombarded with marketing messages so you need to work hard to get their attention.


Modern flyer holders can help you do this. For one thing they're designed to be inviting. With their eye catching colors and designs, they're tailor-made to attract readers and present your vital product and company information in an inviting and orderly way.

flyer holders are portable brochure stands which are suitable for corporate, exhibition, museum and retail environments. PrintSmart Graphics brochure stands are made specifically for use at shows and exhibitions are lightweight, portable, and so convenient and very use to use.

This is especially important at exhibitions and other off-site events. You have so many responsibilities at an exhibition that the last thing you want is to spend time fussing with your displays. They are perfect for trade shows because they are lightweight and fold up to a compact and easy-to-carry size. They can be assembled in less than a minute and disassembled just as easily. Just the thing for busy exhibitions, especially if you have to put up and take down your displays on a daily basis.

Fast Ecomonical Delivery of Brochure Stands, Literature Racks and Brochure Holders - Australia Wide

Brochure Stands are a stylish way to display your business brochures

Brochure stands are perfect for displaying your important magazines, catalogues and brochures when you are on the go. All these holders are designed to be portable and light weight, so they can be used at trade shows, conventions, exhibitions , conferences or anywhere else you travel. flyer holders or portable literature stands, setup and collapse within minutes. Most of these portable literature stands also include a carry bag for travel. Place these brochure stands outside of your exhibition booth or trade show to offer potential clients information about your business.

There are many different types of brochure holders you can choose from, and they all serve their own function. You will use a trade show brochure rack when you are attending trade shows , exhibitions , and and conferences and want to bring information that visitors can take with them. An exhibit booth brochure stand will be a stylish yet functional stand that will allow visitors to browse your information without worrying about being hassled by you. An outdoor brochure rack will allow you to take the same information with you to any outdoor shows and exhibits you attend.

1) Trade show display flyer holders: When you're setting up your information for trade shows, you'll want special racks to hold all of your displays that visitors can easily browse through. You'll also want them to look good with the rest of your display. You can find good-looking, functional brochure stands to use at all of your trade shows.

2) Brochure rack for exhibit booths: When you set up an exhibit booth for your company, you know you are competing with other companies, and will want to do everything you can to have the upper hand. By using stylish yet functional brochure racks to display your literature, you are enabling visitors to quietly look through your literature and determine which brochures they want to take with them without forcing yourself on them.

3) Outdoor brochure holder: Not all shows are indoors. You will have many opportunities to attend outdoor conventions, and will want to be able to offer your brochures at these locations too. By choosing flyer holders that can hold up to the elements, and yet still look stylish, you will be able to add flyer holders to your outdoor displays as well as you are to your indoor displays.